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Can We Please Get to Orbit?

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Pre-Launch Design Release


Team Name: F'N Sandwich

Available Funds: $80,183

Vehicle Name: Launch Meat

Vehicle Parts List and Cost:

MK-16 parachute- $422

MK-1 Command Pod- $600

7 FLT-200 Fuel Tanks- $1925

2 TR-18A Stack Decoupler- $800

2 TT-38R Radial Decoupler- $1200

FLT-400 Fuel tank- $500

2 Rt-10 hammer solid fuel boosters- $800

LVT-45 Swivel liquid fuel engine- $2400

 4 AV-R8 winglet- $2560

2 aerodynamic nose cones- $480

Total Cost: $11,675


Design Goals: This rocket was designed to send a Kerbal into orbit around Kerbin. Two booster engines helped to gain speed and our swivel engine helped us maneuver the rocket to the east to reach orbit.

Launch Goal: We are hoping to put a Kerbal into a stable orbit around the planet Kerbin. If we succeed we will earn the achievements of an successful manned launch to 50 km, a stable orbit and a stable manned orbit. Is successful, our group will earn $60,000 from these milestones.

Pilot Plan: First Bob Kerman will ignite the booster engines and the swivel engince to gain speed. He will then angle the rocket towards the east to position the rocket in the correct orientation to leave Kerbin. He will then wait apoapsis to reach 80 km and then shut off the engines. Upon nearing an altitude of 80 km, Bob will re ignite the engines to push the rocket into orbit.



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