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APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials


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[ATTACH=CONFIG]121[/ATTACH]The first APlusPhysics course guide book, APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials, will be available in late April through direct order as well as major book retailers such as Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. From the book's description:

APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials by Dan Fullerton is a clear and concise roadmap to the entire New York State Regents Physics curriculum, preparing students for success in their high school physics class as well as review for high marks on the Regents Physics Exam.

Topics covered include pre-requisite math and trigonometry; kinematics; forces; Newton's Laws of Motion, circular motion and gravity; impulse and momentum; work, energy, and power; electrostatics; electric circuits; magnetism; waves; optics; and modern physics.

Featuring more than four hundred questions with worked out solutions and detailed illustrations, this book is integrated with the APlusPhysics website, which includes online question and answer forums, videos, animations, and supplemental problems to help you master Regents Physics essentials.

Advance Praise for APlusPhysics Regents Physics Essentials:

"Very well written... simple, clear engaging and accessible. You hit a grand slam with this review book." -- Anthony, NY Regents Physics Teacher.

"Does a great job giving students what they need to know. The value provided is amazing." -- Tom, NY Regents Physics Teacher.

"This was tremendous preparation for my physics test. I love the detailed problem solutions." -- Jenny, NY Regents Physics Student.

For more information about the book, advance orders, and volume purchasing, please contact Sales@SillyBeagle.com

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