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My interests, i'm interested in many things, things like video-games, and most importantly music. I use to play lots and lots of video-games but that has changed throughout the years. I still play video-games but not as much as i use to. Now music on the other hand takes up a majority of my life. Most of the day i'm either listening to music or playing music. Every night before i go to sleep i make sure to play the guitar so i can maintain all my chops and not forget any of them. In conclusion, i have many interests and music being one of the most important ones.

I'm taking physics because I personally like science because like music it never ends, it's always expanding into so much more. I'm also taking Physics because Mr. Schleishing gives out great advice and told me that i should take it. I hope to learn all about nuclear physics and all about everything that confuses the average person. In conclusion, i want to learn about complicating and things that challenge the mind.

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