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About Me by Katie B


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My interests include, karate, teaching karate, ballroom dancing, reading, singing, watching movies, seeing musicals, and doing well in school. I prefer to work alone on projects and assignments, unless I need help, then I will ask when it is needed. I love to sit in the front and center of a classroom so that I can hear and see everything clearly. The back of a classroom is hard to be able to hear because I'm so far away and usually I've been placed behind taller peers, which makes it difficult to see over their heads. I am a diligent worker and an excellent listener. I take tons of notes and always use them. I always strive for at least a 90 or above. If not, I usually have a little break down, but I always manage to get back on my feet and do better. I tend to procrastinate on big projects that are due months after they are given out, but assignments due the next day or couple of days are always turned in on time. I adore English and Social Studies the most, but I have a very good feeling that Physics will soon be added to that list.

I am taking physics mainly because I did not wish to take chemistry. Also, I remember when my brother took physics 2 years ago and when he was making his catapult. I thought that it was really cool and I wanted to do that, too. I hope to learn more about world applications and how physics can apply outside of the classroom. I feel a tad bit intimidated by all of the juniors and seniors in my class, but I also feel that they will be more than happy to help me.

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