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My name is Lauren. I'm sure it's realy hard to guess my last name based on my username. I have a family, they're pretty cool. My brother Richard just moved out, so now I have to deal with my parents on my own. My hobbies include soccer, basketball, lacrosse, math league, playing guitar, long walks on the beach, and hanging out with Mrs. Lamantia in the library. I also like to buy exotic fruit from wegmans and eat them. I sort mail for the high school, so don't think I'm stealing mail if you see me in there. Now that you know a little bit about me, please be my friend. I don't have very many.

One often thinks, "wow, this Lauren girl seems so cool and awesome, why is she taking physics and not spending her time being cool and awesome?" Well, my friend, physics actually does interest me. I am looking to get into engineering and obviously physics is involved in that. Also, I love math (don't ask questions) and I dislike science, so having some math in my science class makes it a lot easier. I look forward to having a fantastic year in Mr. Fullerton's physics class!

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I would love to be your friend. I don't have very many, either. And my living situation is kind of similar. My brother just went to finish AIT training for the National Guard in Missouri, so I must also face my parents alone. I also feel the same way about having math in science class :)

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