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Hello my name is Preston. I am that kind of person who kind and I like to get things done so I don't need to do it later like homework or other things that are due sometime later in the week or month. I am very talented in art and I am good at math and I hope after high school to go to school for art or work. I also like baseball and football, my favorite baseball team is the Yankees and my favorite football team is Green Bay (plus my mothers maiden name is Packer so it runs in the family). For the past 3 years of high school I've been part of Rodequoit the school newspaper, I started as a grunt but worked my way up to illustrations editor for the paper. I've been lucky to make many friends throughout my years in the West Irondequoit and have been lucky to have many nice teachers along my school career.

I am taking Physics because even though it might not be required i'm used to taking all the core classes every year plus I will get to learn a lot about things work and some of the projects sound fun. I hope to learn how to make a speaker out of any material and just would like to learn some new things. Plus some of the things that my friend talks about that I don't know that much about I will better understand. This year will be fun and I cant wait to learn new things. I'm sure that my teacher will make it fun and it will be a nice smooth ride through the school year.

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