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Aw yeah physics yeah


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Hi! I am a Junior at Irondequoit High School, i am interested in singing and acting. I want to go to college for musical theater, special education and broadcasting. i haven't really started looking around yet and i am always open to new input, so let me know what you think about some colleges! I have a brother and two cats. My favorite tv shows are Dance Moms, and Lost. I enjoy listening to music and i am attatched at the hip with my iphone.... literally.

I decided to take physics this year because i thought it would be a challenge. After taking chemistry there are alot of things about the world that i see, and understand differently. if that much could be done in chemestry i am interested to see how much differently i see the world after physics. I cant wait to learn about things that will make my head spin!

Heres to a great year!

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