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sooo my name is jkush, and i love my dog tank. other than that im going to need to delve deep into things about me. i like friends and stuff, hanging out with said friends, and swag. swag for days $$$. other than that i kind of just sit around and do nothing, its classic.

I, Jkush, am taking physics because not only would i like my advanced regents diploma which got pooped on by failing the trig exam, but i also enjoy learning about the bazaar concepts involved. I'm less interested in the physics of movement and velocity and things like that, but rather things like schrodinger's cat, the string theory, the theory of relativity, and time. The universe is also extremely captivating, and is the one thing every single person on this planet should be taught extensively about. I hope to learn just a little bit about all of this things and wish the same for others as well. stuff's interesting.

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