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yay, physics!


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I'm a junior. I have a brother who is 18, and a sister who is almost 4. I like school. I'm probably taking way too many classes this year, including three art classes. All the free periods I have, I spend in an art room, doing artsy stuff. I like art, a lot. I like to write, too. I like cats. I have a kitten named Lucy. I'm also one of those weird kids who likes math, especially geometry. Other things I like: Dinosaurs. Doctor Who. Halloween. Space.

I'm taking physics this year because it was recommended, like it is to pretty much everyone. My chemistry teacher told me to take AP but I decided not to because it would be too stressful, and I think regents will make it more fun. Since I was little, I've wanted to know how stuff works, how to build things, etc. I want to learn cool stuff, and physics is cool

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