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Well, I'm Marisa Orlando. I love love love hockey, New York City, and my cat. My favorite team is the Washington Capitals, I want to go to NYU Law School, and my cats name is Quincy. Like the football player. Speaking of football.....go Cowboys and Raiders! Save your hate. Oh and also, Kevin Hart is hilarious. Ummmmalalalalaa I don't really know what else to say. OH I love arguing. And I can't wait to do that as my career. I want to be a lawyer by the way if that wasn't obvious!

I'm taking physics because it seems like an interesting class and I actually want to push myself to expand my thinking this year. I like learning about the kinds of things we'll be learning about in physics such as the universe. My dad, my brother and I always have conversations about this kind of stuff and I love it. Okay we'll that's all, hope everyone enjoys their year!!

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