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physics intro


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Hi I'm Roxy and I'm a senior. I run cross country and do art (clay sculpture and pen are my favorites). This summer I took a nap almost every day, watched the first 5 seasons of The Office, and spent alot of my time lifegaurding here at the IHS pool. I like food and nice people and good music among other things obviously but those are the essentials. Honestly I'm not looking forward to senior year too much but am excited for what lies ahead after high school.

I decided to take phyisics because I was told by many that it's an interesting class and is helpful when applying to college. Its good to get a basic understanding of all the sciences. I know absolutely nothing about physics except that making a tower out of spaghetti and getting it to support a marshmallow is really hard, so I'm excited to see what the class is about. It will be interesting to see how the world around us works.

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