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Introductory Rotational Equilibrium Problem

A uniform 0.093 kg meterstick is supported at the 15 cm and 92 cm marks. When a 0.250 kg object is placed at the 6.0 cm mark, what are the magnitudes of the forces supporting the meterstick? Want Lecture Notes? This is an AP Physics 1 Topic.

Content Times:
0:07 The problem
1:35 Summing the forces
2:55 Summing the torques
5:17 Combining equations
6:04 Torque distances
7:14 The units!!
8:20 Finding Force Normal 1
9:26 Testing our answers

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Previous Video: Rotational Equilibrium Introduction (and Static Equilibrium too!!)

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Thank you to Scott Carter, Christopher Becke, and Jonathan Everett for being my Quality Control Team for this video.

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