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2 Masses on a Pulley - Torque Demonstration

By Flipping Physics, 02/10/2019

Example: 0.100 kg and 0.200 kg masses hang from either side of a frictionless #Pulley with a rotational inertia of 0.0137 kg·m^2 and radius of 0.0385 m. (a) What is the #AngularAcceleration of the pulley? (b) What is the #TensionForce in each string? Want Lecture Notes? This is an AP Physics 1 Topic.

Content Times:
0:08 The problem
1:29 The free body diagrams
2:51 Net torque on the pulley
4:28 Net forces on both masses
6:49 Tangentail acceleration
7:31 Solving for acceleration
8:55 Measuring acceleration
10:16 Solving for Tension
12:29 2 incorrect solutions

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