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Net Force and Acceleration: Under the ruler faster than the ruler

By FizziksGuy, 08/22/2013
Another model demonstrating the principle of the cart that moves down wind faster than the wind. Inspired by some ideas posted on the discussion at forums.randi.org, I made a simple cart that is propelled underneath a moving surface, faster than that surface. The large wheel, turning against the direction of movement of the ruler, is very similar to the propeller of the wind-powered cart, turning against the wind.

The next episode is here:

PS. Several people have asked where Louise comes from. She was made in Sri Lanka for Barefoot: [url="http://www.barefootusa.com/NewFiles/toys2.html"]http://www.barefootusa.com/NewFiles/toys2.html[/url]

If you want to read more about downwind faster than the wind:




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