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Introduction to Accuracy and Precision (includes Relative Error)

By Flipping Physics, 05/20/2014
This video includes the definitions of Accuracy and Precision. It also shows several examples using a "Safe Dart" bow and arrow. It ends with the equation for Relative Error.

Times of Content:
0:44 Definition of Accuracy
1:39 Definition of Precision
2:17 The Question for all the Examples
3:48 1st Example
4:31 2nd Example
5:14 3rd Example
6:33 4th Example
7:32 Relative Error Equation
9:37 "Safe Dart" Outtakes
(it took forever to get the "Safe Dart" to work)

[url="http://www.flippingphysics.com/introduction-to-accuracy-and-precision.html"]Want Lecture Notes?[/url]

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