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Understanding Instantaneous and Average Velocity using a Graph

By Flipping Physics, 05/21/2014
Students often get confused by the difference between Instantaneous and Average. In this video we use a graph to compare and understand the two different concepts.

Content Times:
0:28 Defining Instantaneous and Average Velocity
0:52 Examples of Each
2:23 The Graph
2:42 Walking the Graph (my favorite part)
3:19 Average Velocity from 0 - 5 Seconds
5:30 Average Velocity from 5 - 10 Seconds
6:45 Some Instantaneous Velocities
7:44 Average Velocity from 0 - 17 Seconds
8:37 Drawing this Average Velocity on the Graph
9:15 Comparing Average Velocity to Instantaneous Velocity
10:32 What was the Instantaneous Velocity at exactly 5 seconds?
11:47 The Review

[url="http://www.flippingphysics.com/instantaneous-and-average-velocity.html"]Want Lecture Notes?[/url]

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