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Throwing a Ball up to 2.0 Meters & Proving the Velocity at the Top is Zero

By Flipping Physics, 05/22/2014
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In the previous lesson we dropped a ball from 2.0 meters above the ground and now we throw one up to a height of 2.0 meters. We do this in order to understand the similarities between the two events. Oh, and of course we draw some graphs. This is an Introductory Free-Fall Acceleration Problem

Content Times:
0:18 Reviewing the previous lesson
0:34 Reading the new problem
1:26 Acceleration vs. time
1:59 Velocity vs. time
2:49 Position vs. time
4:16 The Velocity at the top is ZERO!
5:50 Comparing throwing the ball to dropping the ball
6:56 Finding the total change in time
7:44 Finding the velocity initial
9:47 The Review

[url="http://www.flippingphysics.com/throwing-a-ball.html"]Want Lecture Notes?[/url]

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