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Don't Drop Your Camera 5.0 Seconds After Liftoff

By Flipping Physics, 05/22/2014
An advanced free-fall acceleration problem involving 2 parts and 2 objects. Problem: You are wearing your rocket pack (total mass = 75 kg) that accelerates you upward at a constant 10.5 m/s^2. While preparing to take pictures of the beautiful view, you drop your camera 5.0 seconds after liftoff. 5.0 seconds after you drop the camera, (a) what is the camera's velocity and (b) how far are you from the camera?

Content Times:
0:17 Reading the problem
1:26 Understanding the problem using a picture
2:10 Listing every known variable
3:22 Which part do we start solving first?
3:47 What do we solve for in part 1?
4:46 That's a lot of subscripts, why?
5:24 Starting to solve the problem. Finding the final velocity for part 1.
6:32 Solving for the final velocity for part 2 for the camera
7:46 Why is the final velocity for part 2 for the camera positive?
9:10 Finding the displacement for part 2 for the camera
9:55 Finding the displacement for part 2 for you
10:42 Finding the distance between you and the camera at the very end
11:27 The Review

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