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A Visually Complicated Vector Addition Problem using Component Vectors

By Flipping Physics, 05/22/2014
This visually confusing tip-to-tail vector addition problem can be solved just like our previous problems. Give your vectors names, draw a vector diagram, break vectors in to components, redraw the vector diagram, create a data table, add columns and solve using basic trig.

Content Times:
0:14 Reading, visualizing, and translating the problem.
1:13 Drawing the vector diagram.
2:06 Breaking vector C in to its components.
3:22 Redrawing the vector diagram (twice).
4:16 Creating the data table.
4:53 Determining the components of the resultant vector, R.
5:33 Solving for vector R.
7:13 Visualizing the entire problem.
7:36 The Review.

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