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Kerbal Space Program Tutorial Getting To And Landing On Moons

By FizziksGuy, 05/24/2014
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Following up to my previous tutorial for new pilots, this covers the construction of a rocket and lander that can go to another world. I get a lot of requests for a beginners guide to landing on the Mun, but for rookie pilots I strongly suggest heading to Minmus instead. Although it's a smaller target and requires more maneuvering in space to get there you can perform these maneuvers without risking the entire missions if you make a mistake. The target itself has lower gravity than the Mun so landing is more forgiving, and it also has nice flat areas to make the landing easy. Finally, because of the lower fuel requirements you can use a smaller rocket so launch is easier.

This tutorial covers:
Building a rocket capable of the mission.
Getting to Orbit
Transferring to the target body
Entering Orbit

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