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Demonstrating the Components of Projectile Motion

By Flipping Physics, 08/12/2014
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Projectile motion is composed of a horizontal and a vertical component. This video shows that via a side-by-side video demonstration and also builds the velocity and acceleration vector diagram.

Content Times:
0:14 Reviewing Projectile Motion
1:00 Introducing each of the video components
1:40 Building the x-direction velocity vectors
2:15 Building the y-direction velocity vectors
3:12 Combing velocity vectors to get resultant velocity vectors
3:41 Showing how we created the resultant velocity vectors
4:47 Adding acceleration vectors in the y-direction
5:28 Adding acceleration vectors in the x-direction
5:45 Completing the Velocity and Acceleration diagram
5:58 The diagram floating over clouds, i mean, why not, eh?

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