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An Introductory Relative Motion Problem

By Flipping Physics, 09/29/2014
Using a toy car and a piece of paper we can visualize and understand relative motion by doing an introductory problem.

Content Times:
0:13 Reading the problem
0:42 Translating the problem
1:38 Visualizing the problem
2:24 The vector diagram and equation
3:14 Isn’t this vector addition?
3:30 Solving for the velocity of the car with respect to the Earth
4:44 Solving for the direction of the car with respect to the Earth
6:32 Part ( B) How far did the car travel?
7:15 New similar triangle with displacements
8:15 Solving part ( B)
9:58 Solving part (c) How long did the car travel?
10:58 An alternate solution to part (c)
11:36 Yes, it did take about 15 seconds

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