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A Three Force Example of Newton's 2nd Law with Components

By Flipping Physics, 12/16/2014
Finding the net force caused by three brothers fighting over a stuffed turtle. We break one vector in to components and find the components of the net force in order to solve for the net force.

Content Times:
0:16 My 3 brothers
0:29 The problem
1:13 The givens
1:55 Drawing the Free Body Diagram
2:39 Breaking the Force of Chris in to its components
4:09 Redrawing the Free Body Diagram
4:54 Finding the components of the net force
5:47 Finding the net force
7:10 Finding the direction of the net force
8:02 Shouldn’t Turtle accelerate?
8:39 Directing my brothers

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Thank you very much Ken, Jim and Chris, my three brothers, for agreeing to be in this video!

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