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Introduction to Newton’s Third Law of Motion

By Flipping Physics, 01/19/2015
Learn about Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Several examples of Newton’s Third Law Force Pairs are demonstrated and discussed. We even travel to Dandong, China.

Content Times:
0:10 Newton’s Third Law
0:47 Ball and Head Force Pair
1:49 At the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
2:35 Why I don’t like the Action/Reaction definition
3:30 Hammer and Nail Force Pair
4:20 Mr.p and Wall Force Pair
4:36 Kevin Zhang and The Great Wall Force Pair
5:23 The Great Wall Location Shots
5:36 Filming the intro

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Thanks to Kevin Zhang, my Flipping Physics Correspondent in China and to Ari Morris for letting me use a video of my kids at The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum from 2007.

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