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AP Physics 1: Mechanical Waves Review

By Flipping Physics, 04/12/2015
Review of the Mechanical Waves topics covered in the AP Physics 1 curriculum.
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Content Times:
0:13 Wave definition
1:26 Transverse and longitudinal waves
3:15 Graphing waves
4:50 Deriving the velocity of a wave
6:06 Superposition of waves
6:43 Constructive Interference
7:37 Total destructive interference
8:34 Reflection and inversion
9:09 Standing Waves on a string with nodes and antinodes
10:09 Deriving frequency and wavelength for standing waves
11:45 Frequency for a stringed and open pipe instrument
12:12 The harmonic number
13:36 Closed pipe wind instrument
15:08 Beat frequency demonstration
16:33 The Doppler effect

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