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Introduction to Elastic Potential Energy with Examples

Mr. Fullerton of APlusPhysics makes a guest appearance as a floating head to help us learn about Elastic Potential Energy. Several examples of objects which store elastic potential energy are shown and one example of stored elastic potential energy is calculated.

Want Lecture Notes? This is an AP Physics 1 topic.


Content Times:

0:01 Defining Elastic Potential Energy

1:38 The equation for Elastic Potential Energy

2:08 Defining the Spring Constant

3:27 Elastic Potential Energy stored in a rubber band (Mr. Fullerton’s entrance).

3:39 Showing equilibrium position (or rest position).

4:00 Determining the Spring Constant

4:55 Solving for Elastic Potential Energy

5:44 Solving for the units of Elastic Potential Energy

6:29 Can Elastic Potential Energy be negative?


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