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AP Physics 1 2016 FRQ Solutions

By FizziksGuy, 05/08/2016

Walk-through of the 2016 AP Physics 1 Free Response Questions. Questions can be found at http://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/members/exam/exam_information/225288.html.

*AP and Advanced Placement Program are registered trademarks of the College Board, which does not sponsor or endorse this work.

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In question 3b, would the block reach the ground first when the distance between the bumps is increased?

And for question 3c, would the block reach the ground first when the ramp angle is increased?


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I'm not sure I understand the question... would the block reach the ground first compared to what?  There's only one cart moving.  Same question for 3c... there's only one thing moving, so nothing to compare it to that can be first or second.

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Sorry. I meant compared to before the distance was increased for 3b and before the angle was increased for 3c.

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I'm not sure we can answer that adequately... at this point with an incorrect formula, the problem starts to become pretty convoluted.

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