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Average Power Delivered by a Car Engine - Example Problem

By Flipping Physics, 06/28/2016

A 1400 kg Prius uniformly accelerates from rest to 30 km/hr in 9.25 seconds and 42 meters. If an average force of drag of 8.0 N acts on the car, what is the average power developed by the engine in horsepower? Want Lecture Notes? This is an AP Physics 1 Topic.

Content Times:
0:15 Translating the example to physics
2:13 The equation for power
3:37 Drawing the Free Body Diagram and summing the forces
4:47 Solving for acceleration and Force Applied
5:43 Determining theta
6:01 Solving for Average Power
6:53 Understanding our answer
7:34 The Horse Pedal
9:13 Comparing to a larger acceleration example

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