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Impulse Comparison of Three Different Demonstrations

By Flipping Physics, 02/03/2017

A racquetball is dropped on to three different substances from the same height above each: water, soil, and wood. Rank the _______ during the collision with each substance in order from least to most. (a) Impulse. (b) Average Force of Impact. (Assume the racquetball stops during the collision with the water and soil.)

This is an AP Physics 1 Topic. Want Lecture Notes?

Content Times:
0:11 Prom Dress Day!
0:20 The three demonstrations
0:32 The problem
1:43 The equation for Impulse and Impact Force
2:02 Understanding the two parts to the demonstrations
3:33 Part (a): Impulse [water and soil]
4:47 Part (a): Impulse [wood]
5:23 Part (b): Impact Force [water and soil]
6:27 Part (b): Impact Force [wood]
7:59 The Ann Arbor Prom Dress Project

Thank you to Jan Wery and Judi Lintott of the Ann Arbor Prom Dress Project: “Find your dream dress for less than $25."

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