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Review of Mechanical Energy and Momentum Equations and When To Use Them!

By Flipping Physics, 02/09/2017

By the time students learn about all the equations for mechanical energy, momentum, impulse and impact force, they often start to confuse the equations with one another. This is a straightforward, simple look at all of those equations and when to use them.
This is an AP Physics 1 Topic. Want Lecture Notes?

Content Times:
0:14 Tacky Sweater Day!
0:22 Conservation of Mechanical Energy
0:54 Work due to Friction equals Change in Mechanical Energy
1:30 Net Work equals change in Kinetic Energy
3:01 Conservation of Momentum does NOT require the work due to friction to be zero
3:28 The initial and final points when dealing with momentum are predetermined
3:56 Impulse does not equal Impact Force

Thank you to Sophie Jones and her family for letting me use six of their sweaters in this video!

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