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Calculus based review of the cross product torque equation, how to do a unit vector cross product problem, rotational equilibrium, the rotational form of Newton’s second law, the angular momentum of a particle and of a rigid object with shape, the derivation of conservation of angular momentum, and a conservation of angular momentum example problem which reviews a lot of the pieces necessary to understand conservation of angular momentum.
For the calculus based AP Physics C mechanics exam. Want Lecture Notes?

Content Times:
0:15 The cross product torque equation
1:10 Unit vector cross product example problem
3:32 Rotational equilibrium definition
4:55 Rotational form of Newton’s second law
5:37 Angular momentum of a particle
7:08 Angular momentum of a rigid object with shape
7:49 Conservation of angular momentum derivation
8:57 Conservation of angular momentum example problem
10:57 Visualizing the problem
12:04 The conservation of angular momentum equation
12:54 Solving for the constant value of the variable y.
14:04 Substituting in known values
15:38 Does our variable answer make sense?

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