Presenting with a Tablet PC: The iPad

Although I don’t typically consider an iPad a Tablet PC, I know a number of readers have expressed an interest in projecting presentations using their iPad.  I was listening to a podcast early this morning and heard a teacher talking about how he manages to do this, which especially caught my attention when he mentioned he uses it for Free Body Diagrams (aha!  A physics teacher!).

image The physics teacher uses an iPad coupled with the AirSketch application to project PDF files and then sketch on the iPad as he walks around the room.  I don’t have much in the way of details past that, but I can tell you that you can find this short demonstration video in the video version of the iPad Today Podcast, Episode #33, about 43 minutes into the show.

Good luck all!

(Also of note, the creators of AirSketch, QRayon, also advertise a software program that allows you to wirelessly project without a USB dongle over WiFi with their software package Air Projector – Only ofr iPod Touch / iPhone, and soon for iPad, but could be another useful tool for iOS fans.)