Momentum and Impulse Independent Learning Unit

AP-C Independent Unit: Momentum and Impulse


As AP-C students in a college course, you have the skills and ability to work and learn independently.  Toward that end, starting today we will engage in our first independent work unit, tying up our Momentum and Energy units.  Between now and Thursday, Nov. 8, you are to:

  1. Read textbook sections 8.1-8.6.
  2. Watch Walter Lewin MIT OpenCourseWare Videos #15-17 from course 8.01 Mechanics.
  3. Watch all APlusPhysics AP-C videos in the “Linear Momentum” section.
  4. Complete the attached Conservation of Momentum Worksheet.
  5. Complete the Impulse-Momentum Lab Activity.
  6. Complete the WebAssign homework assignment and turn in all work.
  7. Complete the C_Energy_Momentum Practice WS (answers available upon completion).
  8. Complete the six-question Free Response packet and achieve a score of 100% (answers available to check your work).
  9. Catch up on your APlusPhysics blog posts (target is one per week), comment on at least one other blog post per week, and rate at least three blog posts.


You may work alone or in groups, and the order and scheduling of your activities is completely up to you.  At the beginning of class on Friday, Nov. 9, prior to taking the exam, you are to place your work for items #4-8, all stapled together with your name, into the INBOX.



I will be available for guidance if you get stuck, but will recommend you utilize the available resources (including each other) to help you independently first.  These resources include, but are not limited to:

  • Textbook sections 8.1-8.6
  • APlusPhysics AP-C Physics Videos (available from or YouTube)
  • Physics Podcasts / Videos: MIT’s OpenCourseWare Physics (Walter Lewin) available on iTunes, YouTube, and other online locations.
  • Physics Videos:
  • Physics Forums HW Help: