Engineering Scholarships Available in Upstate NY

Please find the attached application form for the 2015 Monroe Professional Engineers Society (MPES) Scholar Awards.  We are a local chapter of the New York State Professional Engineers Society (NYSSPE) which is a state chapter of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE). The society provides scholar awards to all high school seniors who will be attending college in the fall of 2015 with an ABET accredited engineering program. Scholar awards are available at each level of the society as follows:

LOCAL SCHOLAR AWARDS: Awarded by MPES. Students must live in the following New York State counties: Monroe, Orleans, Genesee, Livingston, Wayne, Seneca, and Ontario. The Scholar Award is based on academic achievement, participation in scholastic and out of school activities, work experience, and essay.

  • Paul and Claire Raynor Scholarship: $2,500
  • Vastola Scholarship: $2,000
  • Bergmann Associates Scholarship: $2,500 (civil, environmental, mechanical, electrical engineering)
  • Erdman Anthony and Associates Scholarship: $2,000 (civil, environmental, mechanical, electrical engineering)
  • Alstom Signaling Inc. Scholarship: $2,000
  • Optimation Technology Scholarship: $2,000 (mechanical, electrical, computer engineering)
  • Robert Ross Scholarship: $2,500
  • American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC):  $2,000
  • Edward J. Ries Memorial Scholarship, must attend Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and study electrical or computer engineering. Awarded by RIT.

The following local scholar award application serves two functions:

1.   Used by MPES to select recipients for minimum of 7 locally sponsored and distributed scholarships.

2.   Used by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for selection of the Edward J. Ries Scholarship recipient.  Student must attend RIT and study Electrical or Computer Engineering.

We encourage all seniors who are interested in engineering to review this scholar award form and apply if they meet the minimum requirements of 600/500 Math/Verbal SAT’s, 29/25 Math/English ACT’s, and 85 or 3.0 GPA.  ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE POSTMARKED BY December 19, 2014.

All applicants will be evaluated and those worthy of further evaluation will be contacted in January.  Those who do not qualify will also be advised.

     ****** REMEMBER: DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 19, 2014 ******

MPES Application 2014.pdf

AP Online Score Report Reminder

Reminder: Students Need a College Board Account to Access AP Scores

Beginning at 5 a.m. EDT on Monday, July 8, students will be able to view and send scores via the new online AP® scores system. Students MUST have a College Board account and either their AP number or their student ID number to access their scores.

On, you can view the student early access schedule. Based on their location, students will have a 24-hour window — on July 5, 6 or 7 — when they’ll be able to view and send scores. Once the window for a particular location has passed, students will be able to log in again on July 8. 

To make the process of accessing scores smooth and easy, your AP students should sign up for a free College Board account at as early as possible. If they already have an account, encourage them to confirm their account username and password by signing in. For help communicating this important change to AP score reporting, we’ve developed an awareness toolkit, available here for download

Customer service is available at 888-225-5427 to assist students who have any problems creating or confirming their account. 

AP Scores Access Schedule for Educators

2013 AP score reports will start becoming available to educators on the Online Reports for Educators website on July 10 and 11. Reports will be added in two waves, with subject score rosters becoming available on July 10 and 11, and all other types of reports on July 15. To find the specific day and time you can begin accessing your school’s subject score rosters, visit the 2013 AP Scores Access Schedule for Educators.

For more information, please visit Online Scores for Schools and Districts.

The Big Day

You’re all set for the big day… what are some last-minute things you can do to prepare?

First, check out this great flashcard formula review site!

Second, be confident. Get a good night’s sleep on Sunday, and take time to get a good breakfast and perhaps a snack or light lunch before heading into your test.

Arrive to the testing site plenty early. Make sure you have a few pencils (non-mechanical #2) and pens with you, your calculator has fresh batteries, and you’ve taken care of all personal “business” in advance. No phones, iPods, etc. — these should all be off and preferably nowhere near your person.

Walk into that room knowing you’ve done your best, and dive in to the test like we’ve been practicing all year. And remember, these are tough exams — you are bound to encounter a significant number of questions that give are difficult. Do your best, guess on the ones you don’t know (eliminate any choices you can first), and on the free response, don’t give up just because you come to a section of question that stumps you — get every point you can.

I’m proud of you and confident Monday will be a success. Make it a great day!