Magnetism Independent Study

Magnetism Independent Study

Activities are listed in their recommended order.  All items must be turned in prior to taking the unit exam.

  • Read Textbook Chapter 24NewImage
  •    Take Notes (attach to end of packet)
  •    Complete Reading Guide Worksheet
  • Watch APlusPhysics Video: Magnets
  • Lab: Seeing Magnetic Fields
  • Watch Video: Mechanical Universe – Magnetism
  •    Complete video worksheet in packet
  • Read APlusPhysics: Regents Physics Essentials pp. 181-187
  •    Use APlusPhysics website quizzes to study/review
  • Watch APlusPhysics Video: Compass
  • Worksheet: Magnetic Fields
  • Read Textbook Chapter 25
  •    Answer question 16 on page 684 using the FSA format
  • Watch APlusPhysics Video: Electromagnetism
  • SimuLab: PHET Generator
  • Worksheet: Right Hand Rule WS
  • Watch APlusPhysics Video: PSSC Magnet Lab
  • Worksheet: Electromagnetism Clist WS
  • Review APlusPhysics E&M Unit Pages
  • Worksheet: Electricity and Magnetism Review WS

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