Course Expectations

  1. Come to class prepared. This means every student should come to class with something to write on, something to write with, and a working calculator, every day. If you are absent, you are responsible for obtaining handouts, assignments, and notes, and then also checking with me to make arrangements for extra help or to make up work. Late assignments receive no credit.
  2. Give me your best every day. I realize that the amount of energy may vary from day to day. Everyone has good days and bad days. Each of my students expects me to give them everything I have every day — I expect the same in return.
  3. Be respectful. Have your materials and work hard from the bell until I dismiss the class. Handle lab equipment, books, and technology with care. Create a safe environment in which we all feel comfortable asking questions. Accept and respect each other’s talents and differences.
  4. Conduct yourself in a professional manner.


Academic Integrity

Be familiar with the high school’s Code of Conduct and Academic Honesty/Integrity Code in the Student Handbook.

  1. Copying data from another lab group without the instructor’s permission is plagiarism.
  2. Paraphrasing another student’s or an outside source’s work in the analysis, discussion, or conclusion section of a lab report is plagiarism. The purpose of these sections of the lab report is for you to demonstrate your understanding through original thought. Since making your analysis, discussion, or conclusion sections of a lab report available to others also violates the code, the instructor doesn’t have to determine whose lab is original and whose is paraphrased since both students have violated the code.
  3. Removing any exam materials or copies of exam materials (questions, answer sheets, scratch paper) from the classroom, either intentionally or accidentally, is considered theft, regardless of whether any of these materials are shared with others.

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