Intro to Regents Physics





















My expectations for the year are simple yet far-reaching:

  1. Come prepared to class each and every day.
  2. Give me your best effort each and every day.
  3. Be respectful – to yourself, to your classmates, and to the instructor.
  4. Conduct yourself in a professional manner.

The following classroom rules should also be observed:

  1. Giving less than your best at any time will not be tolerated. If you put the effort in, I will MORE than meet you halfway this year. We will embrace a goal of EVERY STUDENT succeeding in physics at the beginning of the year, and we will achieve that goal by the end of the year through effort, dedication, discipline, and teamwork.
  2. No electronic entertainment devices, non-educational websites, or cell phones are to be used during class time unless authorized as part of the classroom activity and used appropriately. Inappropriate use of technology will result in confiscation of the device and/or loss of computer privileges. If an emergency arises, please seek the instructor’s permission in advance.
  3. No pants are to be worn below the waist line. A belt will be provided to you should you choose not to comply.

Materials needed for this class:

  1. Notebook
  2. Calculator (scientific)
  3. Binder
  4. Pen/Pencil
  5. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude




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