Regents Physics Mid-Term Preparation

Regents Physics Mid-Term Preparation

The Regents Physics Mid-Term will be given on Wednesday, 1/25, at 7:45 am in the large cafeteria.  Students are to report outside the cafeteria and come prepared with a scientific calculator and writing utensils (blue/black pens AND pencils).  The exam will begin promptly at 8 am and will last three hours.

Topics covered include:

  • Metric System
  • Vectors and Scalars
  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics (Forces)
  • Circular Motion & Gravity
  • Impulse and Momentum
  • Work, Energy, and Power

In preparation for the exam, three mandatory Castle Learning review assignments have been created.  The first is open immediately, and is due on 1/17.  The second will open on 1/17, and is due 1/20.  The third opens on 1/20, and is due 1/24.  Each of these assignments is 40 questions in length.  These assignments will not be accepted late.  You receive full credit if you get the problem correct on the second try, so it is expected that if you miss a problem, you slow down and use the resources available to you to review the topic in question so that you are confident you get it right on the second try.  These assignments will go into the grade book as full 40-point exams, so they can be a huge boost to your grade in the quarter if you take your time and do a nice job on them.  If you don’t do a quality job on them, however, your grade can decline significantly.

  • Castle Learning Review Assignment 1 Due 1/17
  • Castle Learning Review Assignment 2 Due 1/20
  • Castle Learning Review Assignment 3 Due 1/24

In addition, students looking for extra practice and help are encouraged to visit the site, where you can find practice quizzes using questions from previous Regents examinations, online tutorials, and video review lessons.  The APlusPhysics: Regents Physics Essentials review book ( can be an excellent resource.  Copies are available for use in the classroom, the school library has roughly 40 copies (most of which are likely signed out by now), several local libraries have copies available for circulation, and also offers the text if you prefer your own personal copy.

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