Magnetism Independent Unit

As we enter the final phases of our course, you may have noticed that you have been doing more and more independent work. One of our course goals has been to learn how to learn independently. Our culminating activity in this endeavor will involve you undertaking a complete unit independently. Of course, I am available to assist if you get stuck, but would like you to attack the unit on your own, with an understanding of what your learning goals are for this portion of the course.

  • NewImageMAG.A1 I can describe the magnetic poles and interactions between magnets.
  • MAG.A2 I can draw magnetic field lines for a magnet.
  • MAG.B1 I can describe the factors affecting an induced potential difference due to magnetic field lines interacting with moving charges.

Based on the goals provided, the following requirements and resources are available to you. You are expected to set your own pace and schedule/ration your workload accordingly, based on the understanding that all requirements must be met and turned in at the beginning of class on Friday, March 15th for Period 9, and Monday, March 18th for periods 5 and 7, the day of your magnetism exam. All items are to be turned in simultaneously, stapled in a packet or placed in a folder with your name on it, including the attached cover page.

Unit activities include:

Watch Videos:

Read Textbook Physics: Principles and Problems

  • Chapter 24: Magnetic Fields (take notes and complete reading guide, both of which you will turn in.)
  • Chapter 25: Electromagnetic Induction (read chapter, answer question 16 on page 684 using FSA format.)

Read APlusPhysics: Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials pp. 181-187.

Complete Lab: Seeing Magnetic Fields

Complete SimuLAB: PHET Generator

Complete Worksheets

  • Magnetic Fields worksheet
  • Right-Hand-Rule
  • Electromagnetism Review Checklist
  • Electricity and Magnetism Review

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