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Boston Dynamics: Sand Flea

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Another crazy creation from Boston Dynamics is the Sand Flea.


This little robot has the ability to jump, very high. the 11 pound, or 4.99 kg robot has the ability to jump 30 feet in the air, or 9.14 meters. Using potential energy we can calculate the energy needed to launch the robot. Using mgh we can see that the robot outputs 446.96 Joules of energy for a full height launch. Also assuming that no energy is lost the launch velocity of the bot is about 13 m/s. Boston Dynamics say that the robot can launch about 25 times, giving the total energy within the robot to be about 11174 Joules or about 69837500000000000000000 eV.




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That is so cool. I can't begin to imagine all of the complex computer science involved in creating something like that.

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