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  2. Just my two cents. I think, some will go to the ground too, since most of the weight will "evaporate", i.e. burn, support structure will bounce back to where it was before the weight was placed on it. But yes most of it will fly away with the molecules, you can think of a dry ice put on a trampoline, trampoline will depress, those heavy pellets disintegrate turn into small peaces - CO2 gas molecules - and fly away and take bits of the potential energy with them and trampoline will straighten out.
  3. Iron man can’t fly with the technology he has based on flying physics. He has thrust and drag, but no lift. The flaps on his back provide maneuverability but no lift. He would need wings like the falcon to fly
  4. Great, I think i have visited this kind of a website name paintballly
  5. The largest damping force is the air resistance on the mat. "Fly mats" are mats made from 4 mm wide webbing on 10 mm spacing. Or made from pairs of string about 1.5 mm wide per pair on 4 mm spacing. The net effect is that it's a net. With over 50% holes. One thing you notice on first jumping on a fly mat: You don't lose energy as fast. If you are used to losing a third of your energy doing a doggie drop, and then do this same trick on a fly mat and get 90% of your energy back it will scare the pants off of you. Good mats are not stretchy. You want all the energy storage to be in the springs, which are better at returning it. Most elastics fabrics are very poor at returning energy -- 40-60% especially in directions not along the weave.
  6. Hey, Really it was an great article to read,Waiting for another one till that get more information about electric toasters ,Keep it up!
  7. I needed this explanation for my homework. Thank you very much for it, as it is very detailed and understandable.
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