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  2. I want to take a moment to give everyone an update regarding our website and our newsletter called the Hydraulic Connection. This newsletter was a huge hit over the years with our customers, suppliers and even the family and friends of our subscribers. Sent out on a quarterly basis, it is our opportunity to connect with our customers, sharing exciting new developments, new product, sales and special events. This newsletter also allowed us to have fun with our customers through a wide variety of contests and other activities such as giveaways, special events and even collectible Christmas Edition Newsletters with sections in it for the whole family! Many of you may remember our famous "Bosch Pen Contest" or beloved "Bosch Pet Contests". Perhaps you remember the "Name our Hydraulic Character Contest" in which a hydraulic character was made completely out of parts we had in shop. The winning name which was submitted by one of our customers, was Nickolas Gauge! Our contests have always been a tremendous success and we love seeing how creative and competitive our fantastic customers are. Our 20th Anniversary event was also a huge success! While it was the first car show we ever did, we still get requests for a repeat! This past year, as the company continued to grow, it became apparent that we needed to revamp our website. This meant our newsletter and contests would be have to be halted while we focused on developing a website that better met the needs of our customers. As you can see, our new website is currently under construction and it is growing fast! I wanted to let our subscribers know that our newsletter will be returning soon and we invite anyone who would like to receive our newsletter to join up. It's free, it's emailed only a few times per year, and we won't spam or share your info. At Bosch we truly appreciate your business. We know you have options out there and we are grateful that you choose us! At Bosch Hydraulic Connections Ltd. we are committed to ensuring our customers have a positive experience with us, whether online or in shop. Please check here:- Hydraulic Hose | Metric Adapters | Hydraulic hose fittings
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  4. Sorry BrandyBoy72 ... but you got your circumference and area formulae mixed up! Circumference of a circle = 2πr not 2πr2 !! Area of a circle = πr2 Xavier June 2021
  5. Might also consider this recent site, Strategic Option Investing.
  6. maya

    Physics of Running

    "When the body uses the calories it has consumed, it is not very efficient at conserving this energy. As the leg muscles contract to propel the runner forward, about 75% of the chemical energy that the runner has consumed is lost due to the heat (thermal energy) that the body gives off as it converts it stores (potential) chemical energy into kinetic energy." Could you please tell me where you have sourced, or if this is a primary source, this statistic from. Thank you.
  7. I would like to let the sports bloggers know about a new blog -SchmelkeCue.blog Thanks Om
  8. Actually Youwrong, you’re wrong. His quote when coating the sled is, “it’s a new non-caloric silicone-based kitchen lubricant.” The cereal varnish is something Clark was working on, that his boss asked him for details to include in a speech. Two different items. And your “requires a very easy and quick search...” tone sucks too, especially when (living up to your username) you’re wrong.
  9. Best Badminton Sets Reviews And Guideline For all badminton lovers.
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