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  2. We all use trampolines, but now I understand how they work completely!
  3. anybody else love these classic forum emoticons? They’re so corny yet I love them anyways. anyways, I was wondering. What’s your favorite feature of this site? Mine is the badge system, a bit generic but I love it nonetheless. My hope is to collect all the badges one day.
  4. Forever now solidified with the invention of the Gauss Rifle, which I anticipate will soon lead to magnetic food delivery systems. Don’t quote me on this.
  5. Hello all, you’re in for a treat with the first blog post in *checks notes* FIVE YEARS? Well, I suppose this will be relevant enough. I’ve discovered the site through my physics regents review book, and the big day is soon upon me: tomorrow, in fact, is my Physics regents. I hope I do well! I realize it isn’t a Monday, but I felt inclined to share. have a great day to you all, and enjoy this meme.
  6. This is Breaking Bad tier dialogue in the best possible way.
  7. I think you’re right, though I would need access to the Empire State Building and a cadaver to conduct such an experiment. I’m trying to decide what would be harder to get.
  8. tjpapaleo

    String Theory

    Going back to theory based physics, we now have to look into what String Theory is now. So, to start off with a general idea of what it is, String Theory is the idea of one-dimensional objects called strings are able to move through space and time and interact with each other. Meaning, the idea of String Theory is the idea of multilevel universes living amongst each other. String Theory can also get into various subject (to solve problems) such as black hole physics, early universe cosmology, nuclear physics, and condensed matter physics. A big problem with the theory is that the full theory does not have a full definition for all circumstances. Also, the theory describes multiple universes, which has created problems involving particle physics based on String Theory. So, that's all for now on String Theory. I will address more later (maybe) but for now tune in for more physics on reality.
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