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  5. scroll up for the physics of the shield....speaking of Captain America's shield maybe you want to own a Captain America Shield keychain... take a look, it's actually pretty awesome... https://tinyurl.com/fh25exb5 scroll up for the Physics of Captain America's Shield...then come back... or buy now
  6. maya

    Physics of Running

    "When the body uses the calories it has consumed, it is not very efficient at conserving this energy. As the leg muscles contract to propel the runner forward, about 75% of the chemical energy that the runner has consumed is lost due to the heat (thermal energy) that the body gives off as it converts it stores (potential) chemical energy into kinetic energy." Could you please tell me where you have sourced, or if this is a primary source, this statistic from. Thank you.
  7. This is Bala! Great to join the Physics world! Catch up with you all😀
  8. I would like to let the sports bloggers know about a new blog -SchmelkeCue.blog Thanks Om
  9. Actually Youwrong, you’re wrong. His quote when coating the sled is, “it’s a new non-caloric silicone-based kitchen lubricant.” The cereal varnish is something Clark was working on, that his boss asked him for details to include in a speech. Two different items. And your “requires a very easy and quick search...” tone sucks too, especially when (living up to your username) you’re wrong.
  10. Best Badminton Sets Reviews And Guideline For all badminton lovers.
  11. 1) For 5.20, why’s c a correct answer? 2) Can someone please explain the answer for 5.33? I got 1, but the book says 3 is the correct answer.
  12. this is wrong. It is not a kitchen lubricant but rather "cereal varnish" his company makes to keep milk from entering cereal. requires a very easy and quick google search to get the proper information. facepalm
  13. Hi Terry -- based on popular request of instructors I don't give out the solutions to the lab, leaving it to instructors to formulate their solutions (otherwise it becomes a much less effective tool for classroom teachers as students could just copy the answers).
  14. That's an initial velocity from a jump. Usain Bolt is looking at his whole body running where 12.27 m/s is a sustained speed.
  15. Sense check. Usain Bolt max speed is 12.27m/s. How is Jordan able to obtain horizontal velocity around 25m/s??? http://www.planet-science.com/categories/over-11s/human-body/2012/06/how-fast-is-usain-bolt.aspx
  16. I'm not following you, Fizziks. None of the graphed values (k∆x vs. Msinθ) are theoretical. k - must be calculated somehow, based on measurements of force, displacement, and/or the like ∆x - measured M - measured θ - measured sinθ - calculated What theoretical values are you referring to?
  17. Right, but it's ultimately a proof of 1 vs. 1, not an empirical derivation of g. You're proving something is itself if you use theoretical values.
  18. Graphing k∆x vs. Msinθ would result in a slope of g. Not a slope of 1. But since k must have been calculated, the wording of the rubric makes it sound like this solution wouldn't count.
  19. Graphing the empirical k_delta_x vs. Msintheta would work, but not the theoretical. They want you to determine an empirical value for g, not do a mathematical exercise that results in a 1=1 proof.
  20. A very interesting question, OP. Color me flummoxed.
  21. I'm looking at the AP Mech C practice FRQ: https://apclassroom.collegeboard.org/29/question_bank/create/preview/item/1320757 On part c, the scoring rubric says "1 point is earned for [graphing] a pair of quantities that could be used to determine g - students must graph measured, not calculated quantities." Does this mean that graphing k∆x vs. Msinθ would not earn the point? If so, that would deviate from past AP Exams, would it not?
  22. i wanted to know if a frightened cat was kinetic or potential energy, not what your cat did for 7 minutes
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