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Elladen Research

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Team Name: Elladen Research

Available Funds: $60,000

Vehicle Name: The Penultimate Mistake

Vehicle Parts List and Cost: Mk1 Command Pod,

FL-T800 Fuel Tank x8,

FL-T400 Fuel Tank x2

TR-18A Stack Decoupler x2

LV-T30 "Reliant" Liquid Fuel Engine x5

48-7S "Spark" Liquid Fuel Engine

Aerodynamic Nose Cone x4

Tail Fin x4

TT-70 Radial Decoupler x4

FTX-2 External Fuel Duct x4

Total Cost: $22,823

Design Goals: It was designed to reach 10,000 meters but as we easily surpassed that feat we decided to try to reach the moon. It is supposed to be a very fuel efficient rocket that can travel far.

Launch Goal: We were hoping to reach the Mun and come back.

Pilot Plan: The pilot is there to start all engines, decoup the fuel tanks that run out first, and conserve enough fuel to get to the Mun and back.


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