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The excitement of Golf



We all know that golf isnt the most fun sport in the world but what this video reveals is the components that make up the physics of the sport and surprisingly it is very interesting. First off, i want to give a little information about the mechanics of golf, for example, a backspin imparted on a golf ball will cause the ball to gain loft and stay in the air longer. As the ball spins in the air, it directs more airflow up over the top of it and then downward behind it.

This means that the air above the ball is moving faster than the air below the ball, and because of the pressure difference, the ball has additional force pushing it up, which helps it stay in the air for a longer period of time. This spin also helps golfers produce more accurate shots because with a backspin imparted on the ball, it drops quicker toward the end of the shot. And after hitting the ground, the backspin helps slow the ball more quickly.

Also, different golf clubs are used to transfer certain amounts of energy onto the golf ball like the drivers have a club head significantly heavier than that of any of the other clubs. These are generally used for the first shot of the hole and will hit the ball the furthest due to a larger transfer of energy from the more massive club head to the ball. Anyways, this video should interest you in the components of golf.


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