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Physics of Rock Climbing



Have you ever rock climbed before? Have you ever wondered what physics is involved? Well, there is so much physics involved. Before you start rock climbing they give you a special type of shoe that makes it easier for you to climb. Compared to your sneaker the climbing shoe has a higher coefficient of friction than the sneaker. The sneaker's rubber is stickier to help you grip the rock better. This same use can be seen with the chalk that you use on your hand during the climb. This can be shown as Ff= uFn.

When you start to climb and you are held by the rope the downward force would be gravity, the rope exerts a force upward and the rock exerts a small force leftward. A belayer device counteracts the downward force of the climber by using friction to prevent the climber from falling. The force exerted can be shown by F=ma.


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