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The Top 3: Things I'll Remember From Physics C



Here are the three concepts that I believe I will remember the most from the past year as I go on into life.

1) Momentum and Impulse: I cannot express how often as I watch sports or any kind of everyday movement I am reminded of momentum. Now, when I watch football and see a seemingly big hit, I do not react the same way if I see that the hit was delivered over a longer time, as I would expect, the players often walk away unscathed. Pool is another example, as it is often the textbook case for sample problems regarding conservation of momentum in inelastic collisions. However, the most common occurrence of me thinking about momentum is driving. Every time we turn and I feel myself lean to one side, I think of momentum.

2) Friction: Driving also offers a reminder of friction. Every time I brake I think about how friction is at work, and whenever I drive in the snow or bad weather I am more careful due to my knowledge of coefficients of friction. I have a prior blog posts about driving in bad weather, and doing that math really made it sink in how hard it is to stop in slick conditions. I will be a more cautious driver thanks to this class.

3) Circuits and current: I am no handyman, but I at least have some theoretical knowledge of how the heck my house's wiring works thanks to the past year. Now, whenever I turn on a light, I imagine the electrons racing through the wire, and I know that it is in fact not instantaneous though it appears so. Resistance is another part of my life, the other day I way explaining why wires are thicker to reduce resistance, and how transformers work.


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