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Kerbal Space Program Continued



Now that I finally understand how to control the Kerbins, it's just about time to stop! I am always excited to got to phyics now so that I can take my crack at doing a new mission at Kerbal Space Program. Our missions have gotten increasingly competitive lately, since recently charlie and I were able to orbit

Duna, and another group was actually able to land, dock, and return home from Duna! I am amazed by the scope of this program, as there seems to be a new twist, turn, and addition to the playing. I love this game so much that I might just buy it myself for my home computer! I really enjoyed the learning experience it gave me to be able to learn so much more about the thrust required to escape, create and monitor different orbits in order to make precise manuvers. Theres no pressure quite like trying to make the right efficient burn in order to exit orbit of Kerbin and try and create an encounter with Duna or Eve.


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