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physics in archery



In archery there is a lot of physics that needs to be calculated correctly in order to have a successful shot. if you are up in a tree stand and you see a deer, you need to know how far away it is, so you can judge if it is a good shot for you to take. to do this you take the displacement from where you are diagonally down to the deer, which tells you how many feet you are away from the tree. also, in shooting from a tree stand, you are shooting down at the deer and need to be able to judge what angle your bow should be at (along with your distance) in order to have a successful shot. say you had a trig in blocking your shot(and yes something as small as a twig will alter where your arrow will go) you need to move your body to the best angle you can find to get your shot. these are just a few examples as to how archery relates to physics, I shall save some other examples for a later post .


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