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Intro to physics



I am a student current regents physics student. I am on the swim team and enjoy riding my bike and playing with my dog. I am strong in mathematics and social studies. After high school I plan on going to college.

I am taking physics because my counselor recommended it and it was the next class for me to take. I also wanted to take a fourth year of science because colleges like to see that. But apart from those reasons, it just looked fun.

This year in physics I hope to get a good grade, do a lot of experiments and have fun.

I am very excited to make catapults and bottle rockets later this year. I am also excited to learn how physics applies to my interests and the rest of the world around me.

I am anxious about the tests this year because I am not a very strong test taker, but luckily Mr. Fullerton has a unique way of grading tests and doing test corrections and I know that i will succeed.


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